is etoro safe,

How safe is eToro?

When you want to start trading or have already started, the most important thing to note is to learn where your money is. Is it safe for cryptocurrency or for trading? This is a big question mark when you clearly do not know whether your money is safe on eToro or not.

Do not worry we are writing this article to guide you with the information. We are not advertising on any of the trading platforms. Just for awareness, we have been creating this blog.

Is eToro a safe website?

Yes, truly you can trade on eToro with Bitcoin, especially for beginners who have just stepped into the field of trading.

eToro governs in agreement with FCA, and CySEC and is regulated by ASIC, indicating that there are regulations to safeguard the money of the investors.

Here the funds are secured by reputed banks along with the personal information that is covered under the SSL encryption.

You will be given the option to enable the 2FA in the account. Enter the code delivered to the phone in order to verify the account. If you successfully complete the verification process, the account will be secured and in case you want to disable it then go to the Account Settings.

Note: In trading, you will get the risk in whatever forms you choose to use. This is the reason that eToro facilitates the users to practice trading by keeping up knowledge and adjusting their portfolios.

eToro is safe for cryptocurrency:

If you are afraid to trade on eToro you need to keep yourself aware so that cryptocurrency scams can be avoided on the website.

  • Regulated:- eToro is the platform where investors are protected and governed by US FINCEN.
  • Safe and secure:- Reputed banks guard the eToro money so you can trade with assurance.
  • Full privacy:- You can only change the Account Settings because the option is available on your device.
  • Full support:- eToro is accessible 24/7 if you face an issue and need assistance.
  • Real users:- While registering into the account you will be asked to enter your valid details.
  • Technology and design:- Here you will find tools for investment analysis, an app, online schooling, a day-to-day newsletter, etc. 
  • News on eToro:- If there is a scam you will be reported online. So, it’s important to check online. You can also head to Reddit to check if someone reported about scams or any solutions for the issue that you might be facing. Many news sources have covered the success story of eToro.
  • Risk:- On eToro you will get notified of the risk involved beforehand. This will help you to secure your account and also some tools are available for risk reduction.
  • No gambling on trading:- You cannot gamble on eToro because trading is not for gambling. There might be a sudden change in the asset price that results in a loss. Traders remain acquainted and adjust their portfolios so that risk can be reduced.
  • People sometimes claim it as a scam:- Some traders directly blame trading platforms if they fail to gain profits and also claim it as a scam platform. So, eToro is one such that provides tools to manage risk and lets you withdraw money whenever you need it.

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