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Just started using eToro or a beginner who has just stepped into the trading field. eToro is the best option for beginners to start trading.

We will discuss in this article, how one can log in to eToro, etoro login practice account, etoro can t log in, etc.

If you really want to open an account at eToro then you just have to tap on the “Yes, Open An Account” option.

Investors with CFDs trading need to manage high risk so be sure before heading to invest on eToro.

How can I get into my account?

When logging into eToro, the user will need to provide 2 important pieces of information:

  • An email address or username
  • Password

When accessing the online platform through a website or accessible apps, these details must be submitted on the eToro login page.

There are alternate choices for you to select to log in to eToro but those accounts need to be previously linked with the eToro account:

  • Google
  • Apple
  • Facebook

Login page of eToro

You can connect eToro to a web browser that has a stable internet connection.

Visit the browser and type in the address bar so that you can head to the login page.

As you enter the page you can access the account through the methods:-

  • Log in using the eToro username or email address and password.
  • Use Apple to log in.
  • Use Facebook to log in.
  • Use Google to log in.

How do I get into eToro with my username and password?

The easiest method of logging in to eToro is by using the username and a password.

Follow the simple instructions mentioned below:-

  1. Use the website or eToro app to access the login page.
  2. Enter the login or email address associated with the eToro account, as well as the password.
  3. To sign in, click the “Sign In” tab.
  4. The user can now access the account if the login information is accurate.

Apple users can use the eToro app to log in:

Users using the Apple ID can enter an eToro account using their account.

Note: When you create an Apple ID to log in, you’re also providing Apple access to the records of the relation with the appliance where you are logged in. Such information is exclusively obtained with the aim of preventing extortion.

To log in via Apple, follow these steps:-

  1. Tap the option “Sign in with Apple” on the login page of eToro.
  2. Fill with Apple ID and a password.
  3. For security reasons, a user may be needed to validate their login using an Apple device.
  4. The user can utilize the account if the login information given is valid.

Facebook login on eToro

A user can sign in to the eToro using his or her Facebook account, which is linked to the enlisted email address.

To use this approach, follow these steps:-

  1. Tap on “Sign in with Facebook” on the login page of eToro.
  2. It will be necessary to input the Facebook account’s email or phone number, as well as the password.
  3. If you have a Facebook ID logged in already, eToro will require the user to re-enter the password in order to proceed.
  4. The user can access the account if the user information given is correct.

Using a Google Account to eToro login

If the Google account is linked or paired with the eToro account, the user can log in using this technique.

To do so, follow these steps:-

  1. Firstly, tap on the “Sign in with Google” page of eToro login.
  2. The following screen will ask you to sign in using the Google account.
    Remember that by using this approach, the user is giving Google permission to share his name, email address, preferred language, and profile image with eToro.
  3. The user can access the account if the login information given is correct.

eToro Demo Account Login

eToro demo account is the same as the original account and both accounts are linked to the same username or email address.

There is no separate page or screen for logging into an eToro demo account.

These are the essential procedures in accessing eToro login and practice login account:-

  1. In a web browser, go to, or use the eToro app to log in.
  2. This will take you to the login page, where you can log in to the account using one of the supported methods.
  3. Next, select “Virtual Portfolio” from the “Real Portfolio” menu.
  4. A notice will appear, indicating that the portfolio will now be switched to virtual. To continue, tap on the “Go to Virtual Portfolio” button.
  5. Now, the platform will transfer to the eToro practice or demo account.

eToro Cashier Login

Keep in mind the following:-

A user must log in to his eToro account in order to access the cashier or deposit or withdrawal sites. Ensure that no direct cashier login to access.

There is no login page for the eToro cashier, in reality. Putting together a deposit is done on one page, and creating withdrawals is done on another.

This implies that in order to access the withdrawal or deposit pages, customers must first log in to the trading account.

eToro login issues

If you can’t sign in to eToro, make sure the username, email address, and password are valid.


The most common cause for people being unable to sign in to eToro is incorrect login credentials.

In case you still have trouble logging in because of an incorrect password or you’ve forgotten it, your only choice is to select “Forgot password” to reset it.

Not able to sign in to eToro after resetting the password, you will need to contact the customer team for assistance.

There are some additional things you need to do to solve the eToro login issues:-

  • Keep an eye out for any official eToro announcements:

There may be times when you might unable to access the accounts due to technical difficulties. It’s recommended to keep an eye on eToro’s official website or social media pages on Facebook and Twitter for any updates.

  • Clear the cache in your browser:

Signing in can be difficult if you have too many logins on your browser. To see whether the problem still exists, clear the cache in your web browser and attempt signing in again.

  • Change your web browser:

Although browser issues are uncommon, it’s never a bad idea to try logging in with a different web browser to see if the problem remains.

  • Check to see if your internet connection is up and running:

It’s possible that internet connection issues are the cause of a user’s inability to sign in.

  • Check to see if the account is active on another platform or device:

Although having an eToro account logged in to other platforms or devices is unlikely to cause problems, it is possible that it will prevent users from logging in.

eToro has a new login page:

eToro does not acquire new sign-in or login page options. The methods for login have remained unchanged. If you want to replace the login details you can surely change them but the username will continue the same.

How to get a new account on eToro

If you’re looking for information on how to get a fresh eToro login, you’ll need to create a new account.

Once you create the account, the user will get the username or email id and the password, which will serve as the information for a new login.

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