eToro fees,

eToro fees

The platform eToro for beginners to trade with cryptocurrencies along with Zero percent commission. If you want to start trading then eToro is the best option.

Does eToro have fees?

Yes, eToro does have fees. The fees on eToro are low. No fees on brokerage only a small amount is charged. If you want to trade on a daily or weekly basis then you are free to do as the charges are low.

eToro fees overview

  • US stock fee is low and stock is free
  • EURUSD fee is low
  • In case you have not used the account for long then you will be charged $10 per month

What are the eToro fees?

The brokerage online charge low fees compared to traditional ones because the business that runs online brokerages is scaled appropriately. 

It does not mean that no fees are being charged on eToro. They can earn by charging various prices on various occasions. 

There are the three categories of fees:-

Trading fees: The fees you pay while trading. The amount you pay can be a commission, financing rate, or spread.

  1. Some of the commissions might be fixed or on traded volume.
  2. The overnight rate or financing rate is charged if you take hold of the leveraged stances exceeding one day.
  3. The difference between buying and selling price is a spread.

Non-trading fees: Those fees that occur while depositing, withdrawing funds, or did not trade for a certain time.

Trading fees on eToro

If you trade frequently you will be charged a small amount of fee. 

Also, financing rates are low. There is a fee for the conversion of currency depending on withdrawal or depositing methods.

Non-trading fees on eToro

The fees on eToro for non-trading then fees are quite expensive as you will be charged with higher rates on withdrawal.

These fees are not yet actually related to selling and buying assets. Fees like deposit fees, withdrawal fees, and inactivity fees are known to be Non-trading fees.

eToro deposit fee

The fees are usually applied when you deposit money to the trading account. It’s good to know that eToro does not charge any fees for depositing. The amount you sent will be the same amount shown on the brokerage account.

eToro withdrawal fee

A fee of $5 is charged for withdrawals made on eToro. This implies when you transfer the amount to the account.

eToro inactivity fee

If you left the account without using it for long, suppose one year, then this will be considered an inactivity account, and a fee of $10 will be charged per month.  Toro does apply an inactivity fee and it is $10 per month after one year of inactivity. So, it’s important to check the trading account by logging in in a timely in order to avoid heavy charges. If in case you purchase and take hold of an investor then the inactivity fee will be less ideal.

If you are not satisfied with this article you can go to the website and visit the eToro fees page. If you wish you can contact customer service and request to tell you about the fees charged on eToro.

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