How to delete eToro account,

How to delete your eToro account?

Trading and investing are the two most important options. Both are related to each other. Unless you invest you can start your trading, in order to invest you need a greater amount. It is not easy to trade in most of the platforms and eToro is one such. In the case of beginners, there is always a chance of management risk leading to heavy losses. They usually give up trading after struggling for two years maximum.

When you face issues during depositing and withdrawing on eToro you want to opt out of the account. If you clearly want the account to delete then this blog is for you.

Why you want to delete the eToro account:

When you don’t wish to trade anymore, then people usually delete the account. eToro provides leverage and beginners’ struggles due to heavy losses and large amounts of risk incurred.

In the field of trading, people mostly quit marketing as they fail to trade and step to delete the account. You might have problems with the broker as the platform is not simple as it seems.

You might feel that you cannot survey everything available on the trading site or the trade you engaged in is not fruitful and at last, you want to delete it. You cannot figure out when you will earn success in trading, with the necessary skills so that you can become an active trader which puts up with time.

While trading you do not receive the instruments as expected you can decide to close the account.

The spamming of email by the trading platform is another issue that urges you to quit. You might want to trade a different currency pair or a particular property, or just a specific stock that proposes an enormous opportunity in trading.

How can I delete the account in eToro?

Deleting the account was originally done by contacting the customer service but now it provides automated service. You need to withdraw funds before closing the account.

The steps of instructions that you need to go through for deleting the eToro account:

  1. Log in to the account:

    Firstly, you are required to log in to the eToro account.

  2. Click on Settings:

    Next, scroll to the Settings option just tap on it.

  3. Tap on the Account option:

    On the settings page, tap on the Account option. There you can see options in order to delete the account.

  4. Specify your reason:

    After that, you will be asked to determine the reason.

  5. Pick the reason:

    Select the reason from the list available and then proceed further.

  6. Complete the procedure:

    Now, go through the instructions on the screen and complete the steps.

In the last step, the broker might lead you to change your mindset but as you are firm with your decision you can proceed.

After the account is deleted the address is also removed from your details.

It might take 3 working days to remove the eToro account.

There are two other options available so that you can delete the account i.e. through email and phone number.

Deleting the account through Email

  1. Firstly, using the credentials login to the email account.
  2. Next, create the email address:
  3. Now, type ‘Request to Delete Account’ in the subject section.
  4. Compose an email stating the reason for deleting the account. 
  5. Ask them to close the account through customer assistance.

How can I Delete the eToro Account over the Phone?

Dial at -1-888-271-8365 in order to request the customer team to remove the account. Request the executive to assist you to complete the procedure.

If the account is closed by eToro then do not try opening it as you cannot open it again. If you want to use another account then create a new one.


If the account does not work, the broker charges $10 a fee for inactivity which is quite a lot then you can surely delete the account.

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